Energy Savings as a Service: ESaaS.....Energy Savings Services & Prioritized Savings Solutions...Subscribe to a DATA-DRIVEN Energy Savings Package, Get 4 Solutions & Uncover 20% Energy Savings Opportunities, with a 300% ROI Performance Guarantee... 1- Energy Use: Monitor, Manage 2- Lower Energy Rates 3- LED Audit, Clean Up Power 4-SOLAR: Cut cost 10% to 50% Asset Values Go Up Performance goes UP! Costs Go Down 300% ROI Guaranteed

Using Data-Driven 4-step sequence, we offer 300% ROI on our low cost subscription: Bundled energy savings opportunities saving equal to 20% off energy costs:

1st, Energy Usage: Discover Where 30% Was Lost ??
2nd, Energy Auction: 500 Suppliers Compete for YOU
3rd, LED Lighting Audits + Clean Up Your Power. Save to 75%
4th, Solar Energy Analysis, Cost, Pay-Back, Eng. Design, ROI, Finance

The potential to reduce energy consumption in existing and new commercial buildings is enormous. On average, 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Our Offer To You:

A Specially Bundled, Sequentially Designed Package of the Most Effective Energy Savings Services, (ESaaS),

  • Energy Data Usage Hardware, Software,
  • Energy Procurement Services for Lower Rates,
  • LED Lighting Audit Services, & Cleaning Up Your Power Performance, Factor, plus…
  • Solar Feasibility Study & Levelized Costs Of Electricity Calculations– all in one simple subscription where we’ve done the work for you to identify greater savings & ROI, with least cost in order to get greater benefit from your energy savings efforts.

Our bundled services, ESaaS is really a low cost, high-returns energy service with data-driven decision-making results. We provide your guide for optimizing your energy efficiency & savings in a sequence that makes sense & saves you lots; 20% or more, in savings opportunities. 

1- First, know where your energy is being used & wasted.

2- Simply bring your rates down to a lower figure & with better terms.

3- Audit your lighting inventory. We provide a proposal & quote & savings outline for your lighting inventory. Or, if it makes more sense to clean up your power, through frequency regulation, harmonics, power factor alliance- let’s evaluate that.

4- Proprietary Solar Energy Calculator for determining feasibility, Levelized Cost Of Electricity with Solar vs your utility supplier for your buildings, specific usage & organization.

& Our ZERO Risk Guarantee To You Is This:

Within Just 90 Days Of Completing an Order for Your Specialized Energy Services Package Designed For Your Organization,  We Discover, Uncover, Show & Deliver Opportunities To Reduce Your Energy Spending, Increase Asset Values, & Easily Deliver Equivalent to 300% Return On Your Investment In Our Services. Or we refund the difference. 

You Choose Your Level Of Savings That’s Designed For Your Organization based upon your yearly energy “spend”. 

If You Are An Energy Consumer Spending These Amounts On Your Organization’s Energy as an Example:

  • $30,000 spend/ year, we show you savings discovery of $6000 minimum, for Just $1997, including Hardware & basic Software to capture your energy usage data.
  • $60,000 spend/ year, we show savings discovery of $12,000 for an investment of only $3897.
  • $90,000 spend/ year, we show you $18,000. in energy savings opportunities, Just $ $5997, including Hardware & Software & support to match your organization’s energy objectives.
  • $1,000,000 spend/ year, we’ll uncover $200,000 worth of savings discoveries. Cost for These Discoveries, Just $66,000 per $1 million, & includes high level dashboard software to analyze most aspects of your energy consumption in order to monitor, measure & manage your energy and turn it into productive energy,…

…We service all sizes & volumes of energy consumers. Request specific information for your needs by Contacting us. 

For Every $1000 spent on energy, we can uncover equivalent to $200 in value to put back in your pocket or to your top & bottom lines, or wherever these found savings opportunities can be put to the best use. 

That’s equivalent to 20% of your energy spend turned into savings or cash-positive opportunities that may fall to your top and bottom lines, financially.

All Within 90 Days of Engagement.

If We Don’t Deliver, Uncover Or Discover 300% Or More In Energy Savings Opportunities Compared To The Cost Of Our Services, Your Cost For These Services Is Cash-Back Adjusted Until We Deliver 300% Minimum ROI Savings Opportunities.

These Opportunities Will Help & Impact:

Sustainability Mangers,- We Are Your Secret Weapon Helping To Reach Your Goals & Energy Compliance Within The Most limited Budgets.

CFO’s, We Are “Found Money” Opportunities For You To Meet Your Obligations.

HR Directors, We Make Your Job Easier By Attracting & Retaining Higher Quality People.

Business Development & Sales Directors, We Ease Pressure By Bringing A Greater Value Proposition To Attract & Retain Customers.

Building Owners & Managers, We Deliver Increased & Higher Asset Value Opportunities.

O&M, We Show You How To Cut Your Costs & Labor & Reduce Waste.

In Nearly Every Major Area Of Your Operation, We Increase Productivity, Reduce Waste While Delivering Significant Savings Discoveries.

Energy Savings As A Service (ESAAS) is the most economical way to discover savings opportunities designed to meet your energy related goals. It’s like having a Chief Energy Officer on your staff, delivering high value savings opportunities at a fraction of the cost.

(Due to the high ROI, & quality of services we offer, many related industries & channel partners request to “white-label” our services for their customers. To add EWB’s services to your organizations service offerings, please send a request to INFO@ENERGYWITHOUTBORDERS.COM with ‘Value Add Re-seller’ in the subject line). Requests are addressed in order in which we receive them).