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Solar Power Water Pumping Systems &
Equipment for Agriculture & Safe Clean Water for Drinking

Our Social Impact, Purpose-Driven Intentions Directly Target Multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals

Saving Lives, Creating Livelihoods

low Systems costs Equals
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FAST, simple & easy to operate; Saves time

Saving Lives creating livelihoods
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URGENT!: Safe clean water for drinking, washing hands, maintaining healthy hygiene, – are keys to stopping spread of Covid19 virus pandemic. Our equipment- mobile or stationary, can help achieve this.

About us: Why we do what we do: 2.5 billion people around the globe are without access to safe clean water for drinking or hygiene, EnergyWithoutBorders.com is on a mission to help change this. The number of people without access to safe water is growing, resulting in over 3 million deaths each year from lack of safe clean water and our global water crisis. This is a crisis beyond the current pandemic, COVID 19. Let’s make an impact!

For more than 20 years our Team has been providing solar energy systems and advanced engineered water technology systems, – providing solar & water pumping for agriculture & purification for safe drinking around the world.

Safe drinking water or solar pumping for agriculture; livestock & irrigation: We help farmers create food security with solar powered water pumping for agriculture and our user-friendly pumping solutions make it easy and affordable.

What could possibly go wrong here?

Saving lives, creating livelihoods in some of the most vulnerable communities is what we do.

Empowering women & children, creating jobs:

Our affordable, simple-to-operate, solar powered water pumping systems are designed to empower women, children and all those in need to grow economically, or simply build their communities by starting their own businesses while solving our most critical issues; water, solar, life.

Energy Without Borders: We are systems, technologies and strategic solutions integrators taking the worlds leading engineered technologies and equipment, putting it all together to meet your needs:

For safe clean water for drinking, choose:

  • Kiosks and Steel Containerized Systems or you can choose
  • Mobile Trailers if needed.
  • We add Filtration based on the source of water quality, and we can add
  • Portable solar energy with proper-sized pump and you have a system ready to set up and begin solving your clean water and power requirements.

True costs of acquiring water can be quite high when you add up costs of time, limited resources, cost of unhealthy water, children’s’ time away from education, women’s’ productivity and resource scarcity.

We offer perhaps one of the lowest costs to provide improved agriculture, safe drinking water, hygiene and food security for generations to come.

Our systems are driven by clean solar power, and we offer portable solar arrays like the one shown below:

Check it out in action- click here

And for agriculture, the solution may be as simple as shown here:

Simple, affordable ready-to-go solar pumping for irrigation and livestock agriculture needs. We offer a complete pump size range based on the volume of water you need.

The Future of Our Planet Depends on the next generation. Help make them prosper now; healthy, safe and secure.

Preventing illness, spread of viruses, enabling better solutions for smallholder farms for health, safety and food security; safe water for drinking, – saving lives. This is what we do.

Our focus is on developing and frontier countries, and everywhere there is a water crisis,; a need for clean solar power, clean water and sanitation where we positively impact lives in a sustainable, maintainable manner.

This is not how our future generations should be spending their time

What we do:

Our way of addressing this crisis is to design & integrate leading manufacturers’ engineered components, build and sell solar power and solar powered water pumping equipment to provide jobs, safe clean water for drinking and solar water pumping for agriculture; food and water security for generations to come.

Strategic design features and business models make it easy for many to address their water needs.

NGO’s, charities, individual entrepreneurs, schools, villages or entire countries, – Energy Without Borders’ solutions are designed to help by delivering a lower cost of clean energy and water everywhere we do business.

Our equipment is easy to operate; No highly technical skills are needed to solve your water needs. And if you’d like to start your own water business, we can help you. It’s easy. It’s fast.

The business model may include stakeholders for each community project:

  • Easy access to source water (or ability to acquire access)
  • Community involvement and committed participation
  • Trained or knowledgeable and dedicated equipment operators
  • We provide filtration systems to address the various water purification needs in each project.
  • Affordable Financial model to support the project and vested interest of each community stakeholder
  • Technical Support subscription for remote monitoring and payment systems are extra options

Get started today. Contact us directly:

David@energywithoutborders.com +001 – 267 – 454 – 1562 m

Choose from 3 simple systems indicated below. We’ll adjust the system output to meet your needs:

A = Smallholder Farms Solar Pumping – average cost equals $0.004/liter, 2200m3/ yr., = 1 yr pay-back.

B = Safe Clean Drinking Water Systems – average cost equals

$0.025 cents per liter for a 1 yr. pay-back

C = Pump, purify, + 2 kw Portable Solar Array average cost is less than alternative power & water sources in nearly all markets.

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A …………………………B……………………….C………………

Three basic system solutions: Simple Solar Water Pumping – Mobile or Stationary Solar Water Purification – Design the size and added features you need for your project

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Affordable, easy to operate systems assembled with versatility for mobile or stationary applications to start your own water-as-a-business. You can offer the lowest prices for water compared with other purified water nearly anywhere.

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