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Urgent! Stop the Spread of Covid19 Virus Using Clean Water, Clean Power

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About us: URGENT!: Safe clean water for drinking, washing hands, maintaining healthy hygiene, – are keys to stopping spread of Covid19 virus pandemic.

This is what we do: Knowing that there are 2.5 billion people around the globe without access to safe clean water for drinking or hygiene, Energy Without Borders is on a mission to help change this. The number of people without access to safe water is growing and has resulted in over 3 million deaths each year due to lack of safe clean water and our water crisis around the globe.

What could possibly go wrong here?

Now we face the growing threat of Covid19 virus spread making this crisis worse than ever. This pandemic is spreading across the most vulnerable people and regions of our world and we can help stop the spread. You can help change this, too. Take action now. Saving lives, creating livelihoods to protect against the virus especially in the most vulnerable communities in order to slow this crisis is why we do what we do.

For decades the team at Energy Without Borders has been directly involved in providing millions of people with sustainable clean solar power and water around the world.

Now, more than ever we are offering affordable, simple-to-operate robust solar powered water pumping equipment solutions to empower women, children and all those in need to grow out of poverty by starting their own business, or simply purchasing our unique equipment designed to solve these most critical issues:

Happy, healthy children

Preventing illness, spread of viruses, enabling smallholder farms better solutions for safety and food security and safe water for drinking, – saving lives.

Our focus is on many developing and frontier countries and everywhere there is a water crisis or need for clean power, water and sanitation where we are helping to positively impact all lives in a sustainable, maintainable manner.

This is not how our future generations should be spending their time

What we do: Our way of addressing this crisis is to design, engineer, build and sell solar power and solar powered water pumping equipment for safe, clean water for drinking and solar water pumping for irrigation.

Our strategic, unique design features and business models make it easy for many to address their water needs and objectives. Whether for NGO’s, charities, individual entrepreneurs, schools, villages or entire countries, – Energy Without Borders’ solutions can help.

Our equipment is easy to operate; No highly technical skills are needed to solve your water needs.

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