About Us

Energy Without Borders: We are experts in bringing together and delivering a simple and effective energy management solution for building owners and organizations that consume energy.

Using a common sense, intelligent approach to managing energy and efficiency, we provide energy consumers and organizations higher financial gains, lower barriers to entry, and environmentally more beneficial clean energy, efficiency and sustainable energy solutions.

Let’s get started:

  • Upon creating your Energy Road-Map, Energy Procurement is often a great place to start. Buying gas and electric at better rates through our Reverse Auction platform where suppliers compete for your business in a transparent auction may be your first step in savings with cash going right to your bottom line.
  • Next, auditing your energy use in lighting: LED lighting and system harmonics balancing, –  We’ve helped you lower your electric & gas rates through our auction platform, now retrofitting your lighting with LEDs may be a next step to reduce consumption. Working with our LED manufacturing partners delivering higher quality products, longer warranties, advanced solutions on-grid or off-grid, with or without energy storage. LED retrofits are usually the “low hanging fruit” for measurable energy savings. And if needed, we represent harmonic balancing equipment to stabilize energy flow to equipment & systems.
  • Now that we’ve lowered your rates and energy demand, is a Solar energy solution able to put more money in your pocket, increase your property values and improve overall performance? Let us show you how with our Solar Calculator determining your Levelized Cost Of Electricity.
  • Sustainable building material: Focus on special types of energy savings using materials for higher efficiency and ROI for the money spent.
  • Energy storage: We’ll match the right technology to your specific project. These solutions vary greatly so we match technologies to projects in an equipment-agnostic approach.
  • Demand response: Get paid for choosing not to use energy, manage energy usage, procure energy through the largest brokerage and reverse-auction- may be a solution for your organization.

(read Jigar Shah’s post about financial incentives for clean renewable energy https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/economics-keep-wind-solar-energy-thriving-jigar-shah?trk=hb_ntf_MEGAPHONE_ARTICLE_POST    ).

Pursuit of best-practices in clean energy and efficiency solutions includes, not only higher performing, higher quality products, but resources and unique financial means enabling more energy consumers easier access to switch to clean energy and efficiency. Now.

Sustainability through smart data, wi-fi product technologies supporting and managing clean energy and efficiency, & improving environmental impacts and a whole lot more, – is what we are all about.

Today, following the Sustainable Development Goals initiatives, clean energy and efficiency remain a key focus with objectives of building awareness and forging ahead enabling more and more people and organizations to get involved, take action and save our Planet, our Society.

Updating these topics and focus is now on COP21, COP22 and many more initiatives, with our specific focus in USA.

EWB is a member organization, part of and actively pursuing and supporting Green School efforts, Climate Group efforts, Smart Cities Initiatives, Green Building Council Programs, Solar initiatives and numerous organizations dedicated to a real change in how we use, (waste) and generate the energy we need to survive.  What we need is clean energy and efficiency, fast.

EWB recognizes that in order to make a real, measurable, quantifiable and significant impact on our initial goals and intentions, we need to make our solutions uniquely beneficial, more financially viable and advantageous in order to engage energy consumers. We all need to make it happen now. Being focused on specific clean energy and efficiency technologies and solutions that make biggest impacts in sequential order, cutting costs and saving energy has become our new standard and success for all stakeholders.

We continue this pursuit and noble cause to make a dent in rapid deterioration of our Planet and all Her inhabitants, stemming from energy poverty in many areas, and fossil and dangerous energy fuels usage around the globe.

Act now.  Refusing to take action, or not adding clean energy and energy efficiency measures to your organization immediately is irresponsible. Our solutions save you money and lives. It increases productivity. Every hour you delay costs you & shareholders/ stakeholders more money, it’s unhealthy and destroys our environment and future generations, even more.  Often, you don’t need to spend more money, just reap the savings to your top and bottom lines.

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