Why do we do what we do?

So, beginning today, and over the next 12 years, –  we will have added the equivalent to an additional, entire Western Hemisphere’s population to our Planet.

That’s adding 1.1 billion more people to our existing resource depletion, CO2 emissions and impacting everything that accompanies these; food, water, energy, climate change, and significant global security issues.

The photo to the right shows where we are headed faster than any time in history: Lights Out.

Here’s some of the largest barriers according to multitudes of cities and stakeholders, courtesy of

Mariela Alfonzo:

(Click here to see calculated detail of how much energy is being consumed, wasted in the USA alone).

And for a whole new look at Climate Change information that’s easy to digest, go here:           or here…

Our goal at Energy Without Borders is to make as much of a dent in this situation as we can, and enable more energy consumers to become clean energy and efficiency practitioners. We do this by lowering barriers to entry, primarily addressing financial solutions and costs, as well as delivering higher quality performance solutions with greater, faster returns- for this race against time to save and protect our environment.

Dirty and dangerous fuels cause irreparable damage and destruction to our Planet Earth and Her inhabitants. Security risks are huge. We are now experiencing firsthand the effects of Global warming and climate change, geopolitical battles over dirty fuels, measurable health risks affecting tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of people right here in the USA alone. See 2012 As Reported in Forbes:

Energy Source               Mortality Rate (deaths/trillionkWhr)

Coal – global average         100,000    (50% global electricity)

Coal – China                         170,000   (75% China’s electricity)

Coal – U.S.                               10,000    (44% U.S. electricity)

Oil                                               36,000    (36% of energy, 8% of electricity)

Natural Gas                                4,000    (20% global electricity)

Biofuel/Biomass                    24,000    (21% global energy)

Solar (rooftop)                              440    (< 1% global electricity) Wind                                                 150    (~ 1% global electricity) Hydro – global average          1,400    (15% global electricity) Hydro – U.S.                                   0.01    (7% U.S. electricity)

Nuclear – global average              90    (17%  global electricity w/Chern&Fukush)

Nuclear – U.S.                                0.01    (19% U.S. electricity)

It is notable that the U.S. death rates for coal are so much lower than for China, strictly a result of regulation and the Clean Air Act (Scott et al., 2005). It is also notable that the Clean Air Act is one of the most life-saving pieces of legislation ever adopted by any country in history.  Still, about 10,000 die from coal use in the U.S. each year, and another thousand from natural gas.

Driven by the spirit and character of the Millennium Development Goals, and now, also by the Sustainable Development Goals– Energy Without Borders and our partners strive to reach all stakeholders who can make a difference and do the right thing when it comes to taking action and saving the Planet.

If we do not act now to change this we will arrive at a point whereby we can no longer control the situation. Someone needs to take charge to turn this around, and that is what we intend to be part of; Energy Without Borders is doing our part by helping to lead energy consumers to far superior energy solutions, cleaner energy and sustainable energy efficient technologies, products and resources using the promise (and business models) of financially beneficial means.

The Upside:

As it is, fossil fuels have created major geopolitical unrest; endangered the health of many communities and increased climate disasters. They have proved to be very costly, and their supply is quickly running out. It is time people made better choices, and that is why Energy Without Borders has moved to engage with large consumers of energy and lead them to use better and clean energy practices in ways that really hit their bottom line profits, in a most powerful, meaningful manner.

Let us know if you want to be part of the leaders in clean energy technologies and solutions. Take action.

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