The potential to reduce energy consumption in existing and new commercial buildings is enormous. On average, 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

EWB delivers solutions that give you higher ROI both financially and environmentally.

Energy Without Borders is the consortium of specialized energy & energy efficiency products, technologies and solutions serving energy consumers with clean, renewable solar energy & energy efficiency designed to deliver the maximum results with minimum investment.

EWB’s role in delivering higher ROI both environmentally and financially for our clients allows us to be compensated for performance based on financial values, calculated savings resulting from solutions, products and technologies we deliver.

Performance-based consulting.

Clean Solar Energy & Energy Efficiency should not cost more, it should save you more….

16 years of project development, hands-on implementation supplying tens of thousands of clean energy projects globally.

EWB will quantify your energy road map and savings based on data-driven intel.  

Rolling your energy action initiatives forward to maximize savings and leverage more efficiency:

  • Start with energy solutions providing the most positive impact with least cost & higher returns
  • Lower your energy rates using our technology partner solutions
  • Off-set energy demand through efficiency with initiatives such as highest quality, lowest cost-of-ownership LED lighting retrofits, while improving related conditions
  • Generate clean renewable solar energy at a savings, or turn property into revenue generator using solar energy while reducing or eliminating certain energy costs

This is a typical approach to save the most energy and money. It costs nothing to cut your rates, there may be no out-of-pocket cost for saving up to 70% off your lighting bill with our LED lighting solutions, and now that you are paying less for energy, using less energy, -the savings may go right to generating your own low-cost solar energy, using our specialized solar products.

EWB specializes in delivering clean energy & efficiency solutions with minimum 1st costs.

Cash to your bottom line from the start is a better way to save money and reach your environmental and compliance goals while making a financial impact in a most positive manner. Employee performance, customer retention, competitive advantage & asset values increase. That’s why savings falls to your bottom line.

How do we do this?

Upon identifying clients’ goals, energy-related objectives and applying advanced tools available to discover optimum, opportunities to save:

1st  –  Know where your energy is being spent. Measure, Monitor, Manage your energy at device-level, circuit level & create the right sequence.

2nd  Lower your electric or gas rates. Suppliers competing for your business in transparent real-time reverse auctions just for you. Guaranteed savings or you don’t go forward.

3rd –   With a lower rate on natural gas and electricity, now drive down your energy demand by retrofitting with advanced energy efficient, labor and maintenance-savings LED lighting. LEDs Improve employee performance, retention, safety, reduces your environmental footprint, saves up to 80% off your lighting expenses, and increases your facility’s value. EWB offers no out-of-pocket cost to retrofit with LEDs as savings from retrofits often pay for your project. Our partners fund it, you get cash-positive bottom line benefits.

4th –  An opportunity to generate your own clean renewable energy using solar energy with or without the upfront costs. Solar generates power at about $0.04 cents  to $0.08 cents per Kwhr as a levelized cost on typical commercial projects when purchased. You can choose a Power Purchase Agreement and simply pay for power generated by solar while a 3rd party owns & maintains the system, or in states allowing community solar, turn your property, roof or parking lot into a cash-generating profit center facility, cutting your energy costs while others share in the ownership of the solar system. Everyone wins. Non-Profits, too.

Energy Without Borders serves clients directly as an ESCO As A Service subscription, consultancy, a reliable partner and back-end of existing sustainable solutions providers, energy service companies, facilities management companies, electrical, mechanical contractors and more. EWB adds new revenue streams for existing solar contractors, too.

Send the Contact Form for a FREE consultation and see if there is a good match to consider working together to achieve your goals. Performance-based consulting means ultimate savings.

Energy Without Borders specializes in providing energy users the tools, quantifiable energy plans using leading technologies, platforms, plus financially beneficial clean energy and energy efficiency products and sustainable energy efficiency solutions.

Click here to see how much energy in the USA is generated by fuel source, and how much is wasted through inefficiencies.

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  • Utilities and Co-Ops
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Retailers
  • Residential Efficiency
  • Residential Energy Storage
  • Cities, towns, government

Our clean energy tools and resources offer lots of financial advantages in the sense that they are clean renewable, high quality and efficient and with our unique financial instruments often produce cash-positive results immediately and well into the future. By comparison in energy savings, the equipment and technology provided by EWB possess high energy efficiency properties and are friendly to the environment while providing positive, exponential Return-On-Investment, (ROI), for many of our solutions.

We focus on, and deliver only products and services that are proven to provide the highest returns and greatest gains both financially and environmentally. So, our satisfaction and our clients’ satisfaction comes from knowing that they have had their project objectives and requirements met through our talented, highly skilled leading-edge resources and partners from USA and around the world.

For Institutions like Government, Municipalities, Hospitals, Utilities, Industry, Schools, and Commercial/ Retailers; EWB and partners deliver:

  •  Advanced quality LED Lighting equipped with Wi-Fi, data-gathering, SmartCities technologies using financial solutions for immediate cash-positive results.

Adding Energy Storage to our clean energy and efficiency offerings means many options for energy consumers. One size does NOT fit all when it comes to energy storage.

EWB works as business partners with our customers to quantify and together, determine which energy storage solution will best meet and serve your needs.

  • 3 Performance types and levels of solar PV panels:
    • High-density power output
    • high heat resistant at 0% degradation and lower cost of power with pleasing aesthetics
    • Lower cost for Bloomberg rated Tier One standard poly or monocrystalline solar PV.

Each of our products in solar PV panels is available or manufactured under high standards and if desired, are designed to meet Made in USA status. The models we represent have been manufactured and in service for decades, have been sold in to many gigawatts of projects globally.
Energy Without Borders provides advanced, industry-leading solutions, with financial instruments enabling mass markets to take advantage of the respective offerings.

Today we are very proud to say that each clean energy and energy efficiency solution that comes from our consortium of providers and manufacturers has more outstanding Value Propositions designed to deliver to the global markets, more clean energy with the highest return on investment (ROI) for our clients, while delivering these solutions at the most cost-effective means we know of compared to any other solutions in the current marketplace.

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