Solar powered water purification equipment, 1-Oshun empowers those in need. We change lives, save lives and a whole lot more. 100% pay-back guaranteed

1-Oshun offers an easy to operate state-of-the-art mobile solar powered water purification solution.

2.5 billion people with no access to safe clean water
Every 15 minutes we lose 30 people to dirty water
In 2030, over 40% of world population is without easy access to safe water
You can be the Change along with us. 1-Oshun

1-Oshun is the most advanced franchise water purification equipment on the market. We directly address the need for anti-theft, easy payment, simple operation, low cost entry to market, highly competitive price-point for sales of water by the liter, & full technical support.

Someone’s life depends on you, today. 1-Oshun gives life a chance for millions and for generations to come.