Why special reflective insulation from EWB? There are some things we think you should know:

    • The energy contained in the biggest oil spill in U.S. history is equal to the energy that just 75,000 homes waste in a single year.
    • There are over 75 million households in the US alone. We waste energy equivalent to 100 BP oil spills each year. 
    • The estimated cost to clean up one oil spill ($40 B) is many times greater than the cost to retrofit 75,000 houses ($1 B) and save the energy equivalent of one gulf oil spill every year.
    • 75,000 houses = mid-sized U.S. city or large suburb of a major city, like Chattanooga, Tenn. or Providence, R.I.
    • The oil spill, since it began in April 2010, has leaked between 25 – 50 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. We’re using a conservative estimate of around 30 million gallons for our calculations.
    • A typical house wastes 30 percent more energy than an efficient one does. On average, that means that 51 MMBtu’s are being wasted by a typical home every year.
    • A typical complete home energy retrofit costs around $10,000 per house — before any utility or governments’ energy rebates are applied. A home energy retrofit doesn’t just save energy for a single year — it prevents waste year after year on an ongoing basis once it’s done.
    • Adding Reflective Insulation is a FRACTION of this cost and lasts a lifetime while maybe saving you thousands.

(Credits: Brian Merchant, TreeHugger, 6-2010 and EnergySavvy and their graphic comparison).

With more than 75 million single family households in the US, this means energy inefficiencies in your home are contributing to wasting the energy equivalent of 100 BP oil spills each year.

At 20 x more efficient, EWB provides you with the top performing insulation products on the market. Reflective insulation technology was developed by NASA for space missions and is meant specifically to function under very extreme and difficult temperature conditions. It is over 20 X times more efficient than standard, existing building and home insulation in the market right now. Proven effective for decades, reflective insulation will provide savings and comfort instantly and the EPA says you may realize an average of as much as 30% monthly utility savings.  When you take into account lower wear and tear on all your HVAC equipment, it is obvious that reflective insulation will save you money while increasing the comfort and value of your home. It just makes good, common sense.

EWB chooses to represent this unique product because it is Fire rated Class A and Class 1 and meets E-84 fire time testing. It has no end-of-life so once you have it installed, you won’t need to insulate again. It is a lower cost approach to getting a good insulation result, especially when you are going over top of existing insulation.

99.5% pure grade aluminum foil delivering a fast, clean easy installation over existing insulation providing an immediate favorable result. It STOPS radiant heat transfer, the biggest culprit in heat loss or heat gain and “heat bleed”.

EWB is proud to provide high efficient, cost-savings and comfort-generating reflective insulation. It is one of the best energy and cost saving products to warm or cool your home and building. Installation is fast and smooth, it is a service you will wish you had learned about a long time – and thousands of dollars ago.

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NASA technologies are available to Earthlings and are 20 times more efficient than standard types of products we are accustomed to using. And they pay for themselves in a matter of months.

Imagine comfort, savings like never before and a once-and-done simple installation that lasts a lifetime.

It’s Reflective Insulation and it works.

Reflective insulation is installed over your existing insulation, is 20 x more energy efficient and therefore costs you much less than other insulation on the market.

The problem: Other, standard insulation blown in or fiberglass batts simply absorb the temperature around it in a matter of minutes. It “resists”, (R) for a few moments (i.e. 19 = 19 minutes), then it is saturated. Just like a sponge “releases” liquid when it is fully absorbed to capacity, old technologies such as blown-in insulation or fiberglass batts absorb and “release” any excess temperatures in a matter of minutes.

This “temperature release” is costing you money. You are losing money; losing comfort. Your HVAC equipment works overtime and has a much shorter life. However, the right, effective and efficient insulation is one way you can actually control energy costs.

So, before complaining about rising energy prices which are doubling quickly, do something simple using common sense-  get Reflective Insulation installed now.

It saves money from the minute you have us install it, and it lasts for the life of a house.

Reflective insulation is different as it STOPS your energy loss, it STOPS your summer heat gain as required and needed in a home or building.

Warmer in winter, Cooler in summer. It is that simple. We’ll show you how.

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