Eliminate middle-layers of high profit margins going to others.

Deal direct with EWB and we save you more on costs while matching the right products to the right project.

EWB along with partners & associates:

  • – Develop
  • – Provides client project oversight & solar equipment procurement, design & engineering services on behalf of our clients
  • –  Represents solar technology platforms matching solar projects to end-users and developers
  •  – Consult on, & provided solar PV equipment into more than 10,000 solar PV plant projects, totaling over 100 megawatts in solar projects to date.

Solar energy solutions include:

  • PV plant yield optimizers for existing plants
  • Solar equipment procurement direct from manufacturers

We help you ‘go solar’ effectively and efficiently.

With the projects we’ve ‘touched’,

Clients’ savings from Just 100 megawatts of solar PV include:

  • $754,000,000 saved over the life of these systems, not being spent on fossil; non-renewable energy that would have endangered our environment, energy security and national security, health risks and damaging our Planet.
  • 155,000,000 Kwhrs of clean energy generated each year from these solar systems,
  • @ 600% Return on Investment for system owners over the life of these systems
  • 18%+ Annual Return On Investment equivalent for owners of solar PV

Put another way, our efforts and clients’ successes also include:

  • 240,150,159 pounds of carbon dioxide offset / year
  • 261,068,367 miles driven by average car, – offset/ year
  • 16,085 homes equivalent electricity offset/ year
  • 580 rail cars of coal not burned/ year.
  • check out other savings here:

Solar Savings Calculator

We supply solar energy equipment, designs, developed, initiate (and/ or taught) hundreds of solar organizations nationally and internationally-  how to develop, configure, engineer, market and sell systems to tens of thousands of solar customers around the globe.

Developing national solar seminars, managing Solar Academy, as executive level senior management Solar Energy authorities within the solar industry. Leading prominent solar software technology firm to the worlds largest solar organization,  our leadership has been spearheading solar energy efforts for more than 14 years.

Other work includes consulting to off-grid solar powered water pumping solutions for NGOs in developing countries, designing clean renewable energy systems and infrastructure for entire small countries to support US AID, international utility-scale solar development and more. 

Solar energy: We have the right technologies to supply specific projects. When it comes to natural energy sources, there is none more natural than solar energy and that is why we at EWB have brought to life a powerful solar panel selection that can provide specific power solutions to meet most customers needs, from Utility scale, Commercial, Industrial and Homeowners, alike. We take an ‘agnostic’ approach so that each solar panel solution we offer is specific to the project and a better match to meet goals and objectives of projects at hand. What is needed is the right product for the right job. (gotta get this free app. Click Here )


Highest density output on market:

Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel efficiency refers to the amount of ambient light that can be converted into usable electricity. There are two ways to evaluate photovoltaic solar efficiency: You can look at solar cell efficiency or at solar panel efficiency. Solar cell efficiency is the amount of light that the individual solar cell converts to electricity. Solar cells are placed next to one another on top of a back sheet and are covered by glass to make up a solar panel, in most common module assemblies.

Higher output, efficiency and longevity, – comes from better-built solar panels using glass-on-glass assembly, protecting the cells, rigidity, and gaining much more sunlight from reflective surroundings, to absorb sun’s rays on both sides of the panels. Bi-facial solar panels are the leading efficiency and guaranteed output panels on the market today.

Solar Panel Reliability

Simply put, solar panel reliability is all about time and power output – it is how many years your system will last, based on normal conditions and how much power you receive for the money spent and the specific project conditions. Many solar manufacturers say their products have gone through rigorous industry certifications, such as UL and IEC. But that hairdryer you bought has a UL certification; it doesn’t mean it’s a high-quality product, only that you won’t be electrocuted while using it. Such certifications are for safety only; they do not guarantee consistent performance over the life of the panel. Using one of the longest-running Solar Company’s panels noted for it’s highest output of all commercially available panels, is what EWB recommends for projects needing higher quality and density. Price alone is not the main goal here, rather, performance and longevity and more power per square foot and continue to be some of the most attractive panels on the market.

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