The potential to reduce energy consumption in existing and new commercial buildings is enormous. On average, 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Energy efficiency solutions, products and resources we provide are designed to give you the greatest returns for the least investment, when you take action.

That is what we do.  We’ll show you how to keep more of your own money. We simply help you send it right to your bottom line, instead of wasting it on energy inefficiencies,     non-productive energy & waste.

EWB knows providing clean energy and efficiency services delivering highest financial gains to you means more customers take action when it comes to clean energy and energy efficiency measures.

Combining this with our solutions & greater savings go right to your bottom line-. This eliminates barriers for you to take clean energy and efficiency action. Plus, we show you how your energy is being wasted, how it can be improved upon in order to meet your business goals.

By partnering with EWB and our leading solutions providers we deliver greater financial and more environmentally beneficial solutions.  We’ll show you how.

Our experience with tens of thousands of clean energy projects and energy efficiency solutions provided by our firm and our partners worldwide, gives you, our customers assurance that EWB can tailor optimum energy and energy efficiency solutions to meet their objectives.

We specialize in clean solar energy and energy efficiency solutions. Many of these are done as cash-positive from day one.

  • Energy Usage Data- Create Your Road Map to Savings
  • Energy Procurement services that save you money, or you don’t pay
  • High quality LED Lighting with no added cost, only savings right to your bottom line
  • Demand Response solutions that also pay you
  • Energy efficient building and home insulation, 20 X more efficient than your standard insulation
  • Solar PV project development & procurement that saves
  • Resources for Energy Storage Solutions available for your specific application.

Energy Without Borders is a resource for information and solutions designed especially to make clean energy and efficiency more financially beneficial, easier to manage and take action toward clean energy, solar energy and effective energy efficiency savings. We look forward to working together to provide you with the right solutions.

LED Lighting: Your savings may often pay for your LED retrofit

Traditional lighting consumes a lot of energy and costs a lot in replacement, maintenance and inventory. Our new LED Lighting technology offers an unparalleled lifetime experience, virtually eliminating most maintenance costs and installing a massive energy saving system. We go far beyond typical LED lighting retrofits in technology, information, quality and affordability today. Whether you are installing Smart City streetlights with features enabled such as sensors, or retrofitting a building, parking lot or garage, etc.,  EWB provides the best match for meeting your objectives with LED technologies, often enabling you to be cash-positive from day-one.

We at Energy Without Borders and our LED Lighting partners are pushing the migration to energy-saving and CO2-neutral solutions even further by developing and manufacturing high quality LED solutions and LED products with the lowest total cost of ownership.

With no risk to our clients, often our solutions PAY YOU as cash-positive from day one.

What more could you ask for? Higher quality, guaranteed savings, no cash outlay, money in your pocket right away.

Let’s get started.

Solar Energy

Clean renewable energy is real and we have the right products to supply it. When it comes to natural energy sources, there is none more natural than solar energy and that is why we at EWB have brought to life a powerful solar panel system selection that can provide specific power solutions to meet most of our customers needs, from Utility scale, Commercial, Industrial or Homeowners.

Not all solar panels are created equal. Each technology serves a different purpose and provides a solution designed for specific projects.

To this end, EWB procures the right panels with our partners in order to match your needs and project objectives.

If your project is in hot climates, or it may be a larger, perhaps price-sensitive utility-type application, or simply a small, limited footprint in need of greater power density beyond all others,- EWB can help. These are types of technologies each with distinct advantages when applied to specific solar projects.  Call to see what is the best solution for your project. And have us procure the right technology for the job. It PAYS YOU to do so. Call now.

One size does NOT fit all:

Of course solar energy has been used by many, but the difference here is that we represent solar PV panels that harness solar power according to your specific project objectives and conditions. Examples of 3 different types of solar technologies we represent as suited for specific applications and use include:

  • Solar technology designed to eliminate degradation over time, therefore delivering a much higher total energy output on mid-sized to large projects at a very low cost. This lowers the LCOE and provides predictable output for longer periods of time. This technology works especially in the most challenging heat and hot weather climate conditions.
  • One of the lowest cost Solar Panels on the market for utility-scale Ranging from $0.50/ watt and up for Tier One (Bloomberg) panels with 3rd party performance insurance. These are available in stock right now, and in 2017, a higher nameplate with Made In USA is available if you place your orders now. Container-load minimums.

20 X More Efficient Insulation for your home or building

Ariba NetworkWe provide to you the best insulation products on the market. Reflective insulation technology was developed by NASA for space missions and is meant specifically to function under very extreme and difficult temperature conditions. It is over 20 X more efficient than existing building and home insulation. And for the most comprehensive solution when it comes to highest performance insulation, Spray Foam is by far the top performer. Stops air flow, conduction, convection and radiant heat transfer. It seals an entire building and is the solution of choice for highest LEED certification, Energy Star, Net-Zero energy buildings- and all who want a truly outstanding sustainable energy efficiency result.

EWB chooses to represent this unique product that is Fire rated Class A and Class 1 and meets E-84 fire time testing. It has no end-of-life so once you have it installed, you won’t need to insulate again.

99.5% pure grade aluminum foil sandwiching fiberglass insulation, delivering fast, clean easy installations over existing insulation providing an immediate return on investment and favorable result. It STOPS radiant heat transfer, your biggest culprit in heat loss or heat gain and “heat bleed”.

EWB is very proud to be providing this high efficient, cost-savings and comfort-generating reflective insulation product. It is without any doubt the best energy and cost saving product to warm or cool your house and building. Installation is fast, smooth, it is a service you’ll wish you had learned about a long time – and thousands of dollars ago.

If you want to know more about our products Contact us today and get more information concerning your specific projects. Visit our Contact Us page for more details. No obligation, free estimates, free information, free demonstration! Call now  888-2-BeBright

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