Water- Solar- Life: Empowerment

   Solar Power & Solar Water Pumping Systems                                            Affordable  – Versatile – Billions of  People in Need                                                                                                                   

Safe Clean Water, Thousands of Jobs, Water Security, Food Security, Health, Safety, Sustainability, Affordability

Water Purification

Choose from a selection of filtration, or we can supply a stationary Kiosk, or Mobile Trailer or perhaps a solar-powered mini-truck with a water purification system installed; just add a pump if needed, or add pay-as-u-go if desired, and we can get you up and running in your own water business!

Solar Irrigation

We help farmers create food security with easy and affordable solar powered water pumping for agriculture Irrigation and drinking. Livestock & crops must have water. And our pre-designed systems make it so easy & affordable, you can double or triple your output (and revenue) with our simple systems. Leading edge technology allows us to provide solar powered pumps and controllers operating just on sunshine. No fuel, no expensive O & M, just more water. And at a low, low cost.

Saving Lives

Yes, globally, nearly 3 million lives are lost each year due to lack of safe clean water & sanitation. You can change this statistic. Our purification systems are the leaders in the world. Systems that operate off-grid or on-grid, pump & purify water for safe clean drinking water & for irrigation or agriculture livestock. Everyone, every living thing must have water. to survive; before food or energy. Take action and provide solutions to this long-standing crisis that is growing worse each year.




For more than 20 years our Team has been providing solar energy systems & advanced engineered water technology systems, – providing solar & water pumping for agriculture & purification for safe drinking around the world. Get the right information needed to solve water, food, security and job challenges from our global network of systems & solutions providers. USAID, UN & various NGOs benefit from this technology in meeting their goals & objectives. Our legacy of providing the right solutions will last for generations to come. 



With an emphasis on gender-equality, our network of highly dependable trustworthy global resources provides solutions for smallholder farms, or thousands of hectares, plus, safe drinking water business opportunities.

All from sunshine. 




Our Team has been delivering hundreds of megawatts of clean solar energy through  development, suppling & selling equipment into more than ten thousand, (10,000) solar projects and growing.

Our latest offering includes this patented portable, folding solar array making instant energy easily accessible in nearly any region around the world.

Starting from 2 kilowatts and scaling in increments to any amount of power needed, it is the most flexible system for on or off-grid systems.

More cost-effective than diesel power, less operations & maintenance cost, rapid return-on-investment.

Portable Solar Arrays


Our clean solar power offer of portable solar arrays like the one shown in video, surpass anything on the market. 

Check it out!   2Kw setup in minutes & totally scalable. 



Our systems are clean solar power, and we offer portable solar arrays like the one shown.





Smallholder Farms Solar Pumping

Smallholder Farms Solar Pumping – average cost equals $0.004/liter, 2200m3/ yr., = 1 yr pay-back.


Safe Clean Drinking Water Systems

Safe Clean Drinking Water Systems – average cost equals $0.025 cents per liter for a 1 yr. pay-back


Pump, purify, + 2 kw Portable Solar Array

Pump, purify, + 2 kw Portable Solar Array average cost is less than alternative power & water sources in nearly all markets.


Ask the thousands of customers and people benefiting from our solutions; Clean power and water.

Our extensive network of equipment engineers, manufacturers and our integration of leading-edge components create the top solutions for saving lives, creating livelihoods. 

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Energy Without Borders

“Solar Energy & Solar Water Pumping Equipment for Agriculture, Safe Clean Water for Drinking, Hygiene, or Starting Your Own Water Business
Saving Lives – Creating Livelihoods for
Women, Children, & those Most Vulnerable
in Developing Regions”



“Solar Energy & Solar Water Pumping Equipment for Agriculture, Safe Clean Water for Drinking, Hygiene, or Starting Your Own Water Business. Saving Lives – Creating Livelihoods for Women, Children, & those Most Vulnerable in Developing Regions”

With one-third (1/3) of the world’s population having no access to safe, clean water or sanitation, and with the growing water crisis globally- we are destined to change this pandemic and grow people out of poverty, provide water & food security and health and safety. Join us by becoming a customer. 

Each of our team members have been in the clean solar energy & water business for over 20 years. Combined, there are decades of success and control over developing some of the leading technologies in these respective industries. 

PHD science engineers and business leaders make up our leadership. Our extensive network of representatives, government contacts and individual clients – give us a Value Proposition beyond any other providers in this industry. 


Patented portable folding solar array

Containerized or Mobile Equipment

Solar Powered Water Pumping Systems