Water- Solar- Life: Empowerment


Long before the early 2000’s, it became evident to scientists and interested parties that the world was rapidly heading in the wrong direction when it comes to climate change and environmental issues. 

As students of the environment and science, this led us to study further into the causes & how to do something about this. So, equipped with multiple certifications in solar energy, renewables and sustainability practices, Energy Without Borders was born. Initially, by 2005 we developed EWB as a portal for “all things clean energy and sustainability” worldwide.

After multiple trips to countries throughout West Africa & beyond, and witnessing first-hand the incredible need for solutions to water & power problems & inequality, we became determined to make a difference &  take action.

This opened doors to solar water pumping system designs, renewable energy generation proposals with USAID for entire countries in Africa, & with NGO’s all the way to remote islands in Indonesia and beyond.

As we experienced demand and took on leadership rolls with large multinational corporations & solar groups, we found ourselves on the forefront of these industries.

Later, after developing large and small scale irrigation systems powered by sunshine, and founding an innovative solution of integrating equipment to create water-as-a-business franchise opportunities in developing countries,- EWB was reborn. Which brings us to where we are today.

Thank you for joining our noble cause. 

The Team at EWB

USA Headquarters

We are a USA based organization with manufacturing, supplier integration & distribution partnerships all around the globe.

We can source and deliver the right equipment to meet requirements and provide system solutions to nearly any region.

Often it is advantageous to have equipment drop-shipped or sourced locally in order to provide the best support, lowest costs and fastest way to solve solar & water challenges worldwide. 

Millions of Dollars in Sales worldwide

Our network of partners, manufacturers & suppliers have been providing millions of dollars worth of solutions and equipment for years. You get the comfort of knowing that experience counts when it comes to investing in the right solutions matching your objectives.

10,000 Projects, multiple countries worldwide.

This team of professionals and experts have been developing projects, supplying solutions and equipment into more than ten thousand projects globally. 

Leadership in advanced water technologies.

By partnering with multiple experienced manufacturers, technologies  and supply chain partners, we are able to stay ahead of others in this industry.

We source the quality products and solutions and we reach out to our partners with the best system solutions for your particular project.

Rather than trying to force our customers into just one single solution, we are able to match the RIGHT solution to your needs. 

Current Projects:

We tend to focus on the developing, frontier countries with the greatest needs in water & food security.

This includes most of Sub-Saharan Africa, Philippines, India, Central & South America, Latin America & The Caribbean;  all areas around the globe where we can make a significant impact. 

We know that the lack of water leads to wars  & conflict, as it has in most areas that are in the midst of conflict right now.

This problem is growing and we can help to slow it simply by supplying the solutions to water scarcity and access to safe clean water & power. As a customer of EWB, you will be impacting this for generations to come.